See, Read, Succeed

Many children who struggle to read have undiagnosed vision problems.

A standard eye exam, which tests each eye's acuity, won't detect these other problems—problems controlling the eyes' motion and focusing them to work together. But these Binocular Vision Disorders, or BVDs, can be diagnosed with a comprehensive eye exam, and in many cases they can be successfully treated via vision therapy.

The Find Your Focus Foundation helps spread awareness of BVDs and advocates for diagnosis and treatment to help children see, read, and succeed in school and in life.

Savannah's Story

Justin and Lynette Heideman started the Find Your Focus Foundation after their daughter, Savannah, was correctly diagnosed with convergence insufficiency -- a binocular vision disorder -- and successfully treated. Before her diagnosis she struggled to read, repeated first grade, and seemed in second grade to be regressing rather than making progress. Within three months of her diagnosis and starting vision therapy, she was on grade level in all subjects, and has since then excelled in academics and sports. The Heidemans wanted to help other children and families facing such struggles learn whether comprehensive vision screening and vision therapy could provide a solution.