See, Read, Succeed

FYF's primary mission is to create awareness of Eye Tracking Issues, commonly known as Binocular Vision Disorders, or BVDS's, and the impact these issues have on a child's education, development and growth.

The foundation also promotes the need for proper diagnosis and effective non-surgical treatment of BVD,

  • Awareness of Binocular Vision Disorder (BVD)
    or visual problems (not just eye tracking issues)
  • Proper Diagnosis
  • Effective Treatment

* Find Your Focus Foundation does not take responsibility nor is it liable for the diagnosis or treatment of any individual or group.

Savannah's Story

Savannah is a bright, articulate and beautiful young girl. She loves school, soccer and her family. However this wasn't always the case. Watch the video to learn more about her and how she overcame Convergence Insufficiency Disorder after receiving a proper diagnosis and treatment.